Doggie Doos Grooming
Our caring and helpful staff will tell you when anything they observe concerns your pets health or well-being.  Some of what we have reported to our clients are: Skin/coat conditions, growths, dental abnormalities and hygienic concerns.  We expect most owners will attend to their pets needs once they become aware of them.  Some conditions are not obvious to you, but may be to us.
Your pets safety is very important to us.  We have break-away noose's on our tables. We pick-up and carry your pet in a supporting manner. We use harness style restraints and contain any aggressive dogs.
* Steam cleaner used to sterilize tools, tables & cages.
* Disinfectant mopping of floors and walls.
* Bleach washing of towels daily
* Alcohol to clean blades and shears consistently
* Fogger pesticide used in the shop when ever fleas etc., are detected
* Isolation of any pets suspected of contagions
Any products used directly on pets are natural, safe and biologically organic.
Pesticides are used rarely in extreme cases.
We buy local keeping our revenues within our community and reducing our eco foot-print.
We do not supply retail products for re-sale.

Doggie Doo's & Cat's Too  107 F. Street, Cheney,WA.509-235-8783
Doggie Doo's & Daycare Too  1528 S. Campbell St. Airway Heights,WA. 509-244-DOGS (3647)
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